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Privacy policy


We understand the importance of keeping all personal details secret and as a result, promise to abide by the following:
  • Any data collected for use on our unique style of auction is held in line with statutory regulations laid down by the Data Protection Act (website of DPA)
  • All information is stored safely on our high security servers but should you wish for such data to be removed, we are obliged to do so (Opt out)
  • No personal details will be sold onto third party organizations
What information will be required from me?
Only essential details that are relevant to both the bidding and winning process will be required to actively participate in one or more of our auctions
  1. Email address – to confirm receipt of winning bid and to maintain contact (if required)
  2. Name and address – so we know where to send goods
  3. Credit / debit card information?
  4. Date of birth – As the service is only intended for individuals over 18.
We also use such information as identification purposes to ensure that you are the account holder.
How will you use my personal information?
As mentioned above, we will only collect information that is completely relevant to submitting a bid or completing a sale.
Your name and address will only be used in order that the goods may be shipped out to you and credit / debit card details are only handled through Paypal ( A Secure Third Party) 
Lastly, the email address provided is used if we need to establish contact in relation to the progress of a purchase.
Third Parties
We do not sell your email address or other personal information onto third party organizations so as to avoid the sending of unwanted spam mail.
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