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General information
  • All terms and conditions contained herein solely apply to the internet platform and its employees and users. By signing up for an account and participating in the service available, users are agreeing to abide by all said conditions that follow.
  • By participating in our service, users are confirming that they are aged 18 or over. Any use by an individual under the age of 18 will see the account temporarily or permanently suspended.
  • No employees or relatives are allowed to actively participate in any of the bids contained with the website  
  • Any special promotions will only be deemed valid if advertised on the official  website 
  • Primary currency is the Us Dollar (USD) but we accept multiple currencies via Paypal, subject to said payment being converted to USD. If you don’t have a Paypal account then you can sign up for free by visiting
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of bids on any one account, subject to prior notice being provided.
  • The account holder shall be responsible for all activities linked to his/her said account and to ensure that the password provided is kept secret at all times to prevent fraudulent use.
  • is the owner and copyright holder of all information relating to Any use of content is for personal use only and therefore intended only as reference purposes. Account holders are not permitted to modify any of the items contained online and individual logo’s, photographs, images etc cannot be used in paper or digital format. No part of the website can be used for commercial purposes.
  • We reserve the right to cancel an auction at any time and without prior notice being provided but in the event this should occur, any bids relating to a cancelled auction will be refunded under strict circumstances. If an auction is ceased as a result of fraudulent activity then no monies will be returned to the account holder/s in question.
  • We will not be held responsible for the condition of any goods after they have been dispatched / delivered. We provide products of high quality and will ensure safe transit to your destination, within our limits.
  • Should it prove necessary, in cases such as fraudulent activity, we retain the right to cancel one’s membership at any time, without prior notice being given.
Protection / Storage of Data
Please refer to our privacy / data protection statement.
External Content
Within the website, it may contain links to other websites purely operated by third party organizations. While we conduct suitability checks, we cannot be held responsible for any content contained in such sites.
  • Before using the site, full registration is required to participate. Only one account per person is allowed and all information provided must be for a residential address. No Business or C/O or PO Box addresses will be accepted.
  • Any abuse of the account will result in temporary / permanent disqualification in which time any outstanding funds shall automatically and immediately become due. In cases of permanent disqualification, all bids shall be forfeited with no refund due.
  • We have the right to temporarily or permanently suspend users if legitimate software is not used, third party bidding programs of any kind are NOT allowed.
  • If a payment remains outstanding for more than the specified period of 7 days, your account will be suspended until payment has been received, in which time the said goods will be dispatched.
  • Should a user be found with more than one profile then all accounts relating to the said individual shall be suspended immediately and without notice.
Purchasing bids
All bids must be purchased prior to submitting offers. These are to be bought in advance and the total number of bids available will be displayed accordingly in your account balance.
These can be paid for by credit / debit card via Paypal.
We only supply items that of a high quality and won’t sell products to the public that fall below the standards expected by our bidders.
All descriptions of available goods will be accurate and shall come with all necessary guarantees and / or statutory warrantee periods.
Overseas bidders
We welcome potential buyers from all over the world but when signing up for an account; users must register with a US address for the delivery of any goods purchased.
When a bid is submitted, any price on particular items will increase in variable increments (which will be stated online).
Should a user submit a bid then this is his / her agreement to enter into a contract with us – being the buyer and purchase said items. No legal contract will be produced until an auction has expired with the last user to enter the highest bid has been notified of the same.
With any new bid that is received, the remaining time will be increased and shall be amended immediately. An auction can also end when no more bids are placed in the time limit allocated. All unsuccessful bids will not be refundable. will determine the winner based on the bidding history and all decisions are final and binding.
Notification of the winning bid / payment
Once the allotted time has expired, the winner will receive an email confirming the same and will include an invoice for payment. The total auction cost and postage / packaging will also be added on.
Any winning user must confirm receipt of such correspondence and initiate the payment process ( via credit / debit card with Paypal) within 7 days of notification. If no confirmation or payment is received then the contract will become null and void and the said item will be re-listed. Should this occur, the bid cost will not be refunded and some charges may apply.
No goods will be delivered until the full payment is received.
Cancelling Contracts
Any user may cancel a contract within a certain timeframe (either via letter or email) or by simply returning the goods purchased. The cancellation period won’t begin until the goods and cancellation instructions are received.
A notification of cancellation can be sent to:
If you cancel by the deadline then there is no need to accept delivery of any goods, they will simply be returned to us where the total cost (minus shipping) will be fully refunded, in line with your statutory rights.
Any additional costs incurred or fees due to us will be deducted from any monies due to the user.

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